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Atlantic City Development Corporation


We are proud to be a part of important positive change in the community.  ACDEVCO, the agency charged with building the Atlantic City Gateway Project (Stockton University Atlantic City Campus and South Jersey Gas) commissioned MudGirls Studios to design and produce ceramic tiles to be incorporated into a three distinct areas of the project.  


Dorrie Papademetriou worked with President Chris Paladino’s team that included Sarah Clarke, Arianna Garutti, and designers from Elkus Manfredi Architects (Boston) to create three significant tile installations. After several months of design consultation, visits with architects and interior designers, hard hat tours, drywall inspections and measurements, our artisans completed close to 4000 tiles, and the installations are complete!  The rave reviews continue. 


Christopher Paladino recognized the importance of partnering with MudGirls Studios as part of his broader effort to foster public-private partnerships and connect the new development to the diverse Atlantic City community. This work is a significant moment for MudGirls Studios.  Participating in this collaboration means that the tiles made in Atlantic City, were made by people of Atlantic City. 


The creative process of making tiles bring together people who are traditionally lost or forgotten, even homeless, as well as Stockton students, to engage. It is a constant reminder connecting students to the diverse community of Atlantic City.


MudGirls Studios is grateful to be able to deepen our roots in Atlantic City in this way.  This new partnership with AC Devco opens endless possibilities for the women artisans of MudGirls Studios. 

Fireplace Surround: Land to Sea 

Stockton University Residential Building 

Just as the hearth, or fireplace, is the symbolic center of Stockton’s main campus, the hearth in the new Stockton Residential Building is a gathering place for the Stockton community in Atlantic City.  The hearth is traditionally at the center of a family--the center of a community where people gather-- providing warmth, sustenance and a place to exchange ideas. 


The design of the fireplace wall features a theme of Land to Sea presented in stylized patterns and textures that reflect the natural elements surrounding the building. In the lower portion of the wall, vertical geometric textures recall the grasses, brush and vegetation. Grasses move into more organic sand patterns, which move into rolling and rhythmic water patterns and designs. The character of the tiles are stylized and clean, possessing a modern feel.

Reflecting on when MudGirls Studios emba

The tile installation “No One’s Free Until Everyone’s Free” was named for the speech given by Fanny Lou Hamer, civil rights and voting activist, to the National Women’s Political Caucus in 1971 where she said black and white women had to work together toward freedom for all. At MudGirls Studios we are all equal and work together for freedom and betterment of all.

The Fannie Lou Hamer Event Room in the Academic Building at Stockton University’s Atlantic City Campus celebrates the life and work of Fannie Lou Hamer. Her incredible conviction, passion and determination continues to inspire all of us, and MudGirls Studios is proud to have our tile installation adorn the exterior of this gathering space. If you drive by the building at night you can be inspired by these vivid tiles.

yellow tiles wall.jpg

No One’s Free Until Everyone’s Free
Stockton University Academic Building

South Jersey Gas

Administrative Headquarters


Upon the return of their headquarters to Atlantic City, South Jersey Gas looked forward to utilizing local vendors and suppliers to construct their new offices. Working with ACDevco, South Jersey Gas commissioned MudGirls Studios to create beautiful ceramic tiles for the main entrance area behind the reception desk. Inspired by the South Jersey Gas blue flame logo, MudGirls Tileworks™ created vibrant handcrafted custom tiles that now greet workers and visitors alike as they enter the South Jersey Gas administrative headquarters.  MudGirls Tileworks™ is on fire!

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