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Custom Handmade Tiles


Launched in January 2018, MudGirls Tileworks™  continues the age old process of handmade ceramic tiles in Atlantic City.  MudGirls Studios artisans meld fine art and craft as they carefully press, form, cut and glaze tiles from clay slabs.  


The MudGirls Tileworks™ architectural tiles are durable and attractive reflecting the artistry of the hands that make them. 

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Designed by Dorrie Papademetriou, these tiles enhance the interiors of public buildings, workspaces and homes.  (See Projects) Working with clients in a creative collaboration, MudGirls Tileworks™ uses textures and patterns to capture light, create shadows and provide visual interest.  Molds are created from the original design, from which the women then fabricate the tiles in the studio. 


Our specialty is working directly with clients in direct collaboration, from design to final execution and installation. 


Around the Mudgirls studio_ making tiles

MudGirls Studios artisans have learned much about commitment through the process of forming thousands of tiles. Tilemaking requires persistence, determination and perhaps most importantly—patience. 

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